Teardrop Week 1

The madness has begun. I carved out my school schedule so that I have two whole periods of the day devoted to building this mini camper. Maybe one of the best moves I’ve made this year. They even gave me an entire room to myself so those beginner woodworking students wouldn’t mess with my stuff. So this is where I’m at.

I went to Harbor Freight and  was able to find a 4×8 utility trailer for a great price. The next day I had it in the school ready to go. It came in two boxes.IMG_4805

I unloaded everything and sorted It out.  IMG_4806

It is actually designed to be able to fold in half for storage, but I really didn’t need that. So, I implemented a few minor modifications that I think will reinforce the middle where it is supposed to fold. After a couple of days of putting the puzzle together, I had most of the frame put together.IMG_4808

All I was left with was the axle and wheels, and this is where my inexperience began to shine through. And by inexperience I mean that the extent of my mechanical knowledge lives and dies with changing a tire on my car. But, with this thin, I was supposed to unpack the hub and repack the bearings and blah blah blah. I struggled for about an hour before I called in the reinforcements… the hicks. With a couple of my redneck friends, we got the  trailer to the finished product that it should look like. IMG_4819

As far as the trailer itself is concerned, all I have to do is wire the taillights and turning signals, which I also know nothing about. Luckily, you can learn anything in the world from Youtube, so I plan to tackle that on Monday then go to the lumber yard and begin the build. Big things.

Everyone has the thing they go to when they need to recharge: writing, lifting, sports, food, etc. mine just happens to be working on a project, really any project, but mostly woods. It is crucial for your morale that you identify what that plug is for you and carve out time for it.