Teardrop week 3

Week 3:
This project is beginning to look like a teardrop trailer, and many of you know how exciting that stage is. This week I went out and bought my plywood sheets. I purchased three ¾ inch sheets: two for the walls and one for the floor. Also, I bought two sheets of multipurpose ¼ inch thick plywood that I plan to use to skin the outside walls with in order to cover up some bumps and bruises.
To begin, I ripped the floor plywood to the correct size and screwed it to the wooden frame. The next part was touchy. I needed to go under the trailer and mark where the bolts would go through the floor into the metal frame. The trouble was, the floor and trailer kept shifting, meaning my pilot holes were all going to be off. I decided to drill them anyways and hope that I got lucky.
The next step was the walls. Cutting the walls has been the best part so far because It is allowing me to see what the shape is going to ultimately be. Also, all of the kids that doubt the project are beginning to see that I might actually be able to pull it off.
I clamped the sheets together, drew out my shape, and cut it out. Simple, right? No. The curve of the teardrop meant that I couldn’t use a compass or a ruler, leaving me to freehand the shape. When it was finally cut out, it looked all janky and uneven, but enter the belt sander. Using a high quality belt sander, I was able to smooth out the sides to give it the classic teardrop shape I was going for.
While keeping the sheets clamped together, I cut out the door and pre-drilled the holes for the studs to go in around the curve. After that, It was time to dry-fit it all together. To my surprise, it actually looked like it was all going to work out.
There were several occasions where I almost made some crucial mistakes. So, at this point I am going to try and slow myself down in order to think things through better, but once I get into a project, It’s difficult to stop. The next steps are going to be bolting the floor to the frame and installing the roof studs. I want to add a sealant on the underside of the floor, but am unsure of what to use. Every day, I am learning more about the trade and more about myself. I can’t wait to see what progress will be made next week.