Teardrop Week 4

The first thing on the task board this week was to go purchase handfuls of bolts to secure the floor to the frame and the walls to the floor. I bought 4″ bolts for the floor and 2″ live bolts for the walls.

IMG_4961After the tIMG_4964edious task of tightening all of the bolts, I grabbed another student to help hold the walls up while I bolted them into the floor. Then on to the spars.

The spars are made out of 2x4x8 stud boards that I ripped in half both ways. Earlier, When I had cut out the walls and still had them clamped together, I took the time to drill the pilot holes for my spars, a move that I am now very grateful for. Doing so ensured me that the spars would all be square, all I had to do is add some glue on each end and drive in the screws.

IMG_4971With the spars In, I was very eager to get the interior skin on. For the skin, I used 3/16″ multipurpose ply from Home Depot. I had to cut off about an inch and a quarter off the long edge of the plywood in order for it to be flush with the walls. It was a slow process getting it to bend to my 20″ radius curve. I let is bend overnight and for half of the next day, gradually clamping it tighter so It wouldn’t crack on me. Unfortunately, my patience grew thin and I decided to start gluing a little prematurely.

It cracked on me a little, but nothing significant enough to be noticed from the inside. To glue it, I attempted using construction adhesive, but apparently I didn’t cut the hole wide enough and the caulking tube burst after only gluing one spar. Time for Plan B. Next, I decided to use Titebond III, it ended up working fine, but was very messy and much too runny, especially in comparison to the quikrete I was using earlier.

IMG_4976Eventually I pulled it off. Using an assortment of pieces of scrap to hold the skin up, it secured pretty well.

Another cool thing that started this week: I was able to convince an art student to do his project on my interior wall. This is what the camper is looking like as it sits this weekend at the school. I’m Excited to get back to it on Monday