Life In the Binding

Tattered, read, and worn are the pages of my life

they glisten with adventures of the past

and surprises that lie before me

but the essence remains true


ask me the meaning of life and I’ll show you these pages

together, we’ll study my book

scan the pictures and the words

all the things that I’ve learned to become


but the answer won’t be there

the answer is unwritten – left to be implied


for meaning cannot be in the past

it has disappeared

and it cannot be in the future

if it were, we’re meaningless now



meaning is found in the concept.

in the idea of a blank page and a black pen


there is space to be filled

and the clock is ticking


but the point isn’t to simply fill the space

it is to make sure your space is beautiful

beautiful enough that others can be inspired by it

and that inspiration will weave your stories


so come near, and we’ll read each other’s pages

and study all our books

our stories will grow together

and I will invite you into my writing


with ample time, effort, and care

our books will join as one

and together we can write poetic tales

tales that will teach us how to love


the meaning is not on the pages


but life is in the binding