Piercing Peace

Do you ever wonder if we would have considered Jesus a hippie? I was reflecting on Jesus’ life, and most of the time the bible portrays that he was never in a hurry. Jesus always made time for people, he didn’t run, and he enjoyed the company he was with. Not to mention the sandals, beard, and passion to change culture.

John and I leave for Haiti in one week. As I find myself preparing for the upcoming venture, both spiritually and physically, I feel a realization of peace creeping in. I feel blessed to be doing the work that God has set out for me. This is nothing new, I feel it when I’m serving at my school, drawing near to God, and most of all when I am in Haiti. I think I would describe it as when I know I am exactly where God wants me to be.

The bible says that the spirit of God is righteousness, peace, and Joy. So, it makes sense that Jesus seemed perfectly content. To be sure, there were times when Jesus would get worked up (e.g. flipping tables), which I imagine comes from the whole righteousness aspect. But, peace and joy make up 2/3rds of the description, both being emotional qualities.

With all I have going on: senior year of high school, online college classes, work, Catalyst, FCA, and Haiti stuff, you would think that I would be bogged down with stress. I have come to find that just the opposite is true, and as I feel more content in what I am doing, I understand more and more why Jesus felt the way he did. And Just like Jesus did, there are times when I can get worked up, but he always has a way of fixing my eyes.

God has a task for each of us to do. I cannot say what he will have for me tomorrow, or what he has in mind for you, but I know that when you find out what it is and actually do it, you will truly feel at peace. I feel blessed that God has shown me so clearly what it is he wants me to do.The trouble is that most people never pursue what is truly set for them, and as a result they may never know real righteousness, peace, or joy.

I don’t think Jesus was a hippie, and neither am I. I also know that the feeling of belonging that comes along with serving God brings a sense of peace that means more than a tie-dye shirt ever could.