This is the End

I don’t know whether to be elated at the way it turned out, or bummed because I don’t have a project any more. If you are a crafty kind of person, or like to make things, you know the feeling of accomplishing a big project, the feeling I’m at now.

On one hand, the whole build people have been telling me how good it will look when it’s done. That they are so excited to see it when it’s done. But, I remember the beginning. I remember talking to Austin and contemplating if I should do it. I just wanted something to build, and a trailer sounded like a good challenge.

So, I did it and now it’s done. Nothing can change that, and I am really glad I did it (I mean, look at how cool that is) but, for seven months and countless hours I slaved over this wood. Shaping it and pounding it into what I wanted until I had my finished product. And now there is nothing left to shape, except the adventures that will take place in this beast.

I encourage you to take on a project with your hands. Build something, shape something, make something happen. I know that the adventures I will take, or the money I get from selling this, will never add up to the joy I got from building it.