New Travels

Facts of the summer:


Graduated High School

Turned 19 years old

Have said goodbye to people I’ll probably never see again

Worked a little, hung around a lot

Grew lazy and haven’t wrote in months

It’s been a summer all of its own. Some parts of it are familiar, the periods of unrest and the periods of lethargy. The movie marathons and the late-night games of running man. But most of the summer is all new to me, I don’t have a school to go back to. This is it. And with that in mind, a couple friends and I decided we needed to go on the ultimate road trip.

Pulling the teardrop trailer I constructed this year, we will travel from Des Moines to Colorado, The Grand Canyon, and San Diego, then take the Pacific Coast Highway all the way up to Seattle, From where we will return home through Yellowstone, Badlands, and capping it off with the underwhelming Mt. Rushmore (Best for last I guess).

However, to where we are traveling is not the interesting part of our journey. The excitement is in the Idea. Three friends traveling 6,000 miles in a car with 250,000 miles with a budget that will limit us to meals of rice and beans. We will see things we have never seen before, experience times we’ve never known, and hopefully meet some of the most interesting people in the world.

The Journey begins tonight. I will leave Des Moines by myself at midnight to pick up Austin in Denver tomorrow morning. We don’t have campsites picked out and our literary is shaky at best. So, I invite you to fallow us on this adventure, wherever it may lead.