The Canyon

The Grand Canyon alone made the drive worth the effort today. After another long drive, we set up at a nice campsite just a few miles south of the Canyon, then went up to see what the big hole was all about. Working our way through all the international tourists, our first sight of the canyon took my breath away. Words can’t describe it. We hiked around for an hour or so before heading back to camp to set up hammocks and take a nap.

We planned on traveling back up to the canyon to catch the sunset, but it was quickly becoming clear that a storm was rolling in. Cars were filing out of the parking lot like an ant farm. How bad could it be? We obviously pushed on and hiked out to a point where few others were to be found. The storm was rolling into the canyon, and dark clouds quickly masked the sun. Slowly, we watched the rain make it’s way directly towards us, then to the side, then back towards us. Just as we were commenting on how amazing it was, it hit. We ran for cover from the rain and waited it out for about thirty minutes.

The radar said another storm was coming in behind it, but there was a 20-minute window that allowed the sun to peek through for its setting. A rainbow appeared, and the sky shone brilliant colors with a rainstorm in the background. After taking in all we could, we went back to camp to make sure everything was still okay after the storm, but the storm had completely missed our site. I got a fire going and we cooked dinner: quesadillas, green beans, and more chicken noodle soup. I’m writing this by the fire now, and my night is topped off with an immaculate star show thanks to the unblemished sky.


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