The First Draft

Every writer knows that the first draft sucks to write. It is full of messy, incoherent babble that constantly makes you want to quit. But it’s not just writers that have to muster up the strength to keep writing; friendships are like this too, and relationships, Jobs and just about anything else in life. It’s the beginning, the getting started, the first dates that makes us want to throw our laptop on the ground.

So, the first draft sucks to write. But it only gets better, and the future you will be pleased that you got to the last page. Most of the time people end up getting hurt in the struggle; feelings get broken and main characters die, but you can’t sit at your desk trying to map it out forever.

Yes, the first draft sucks to write. But there comes a time when you have to put pen to paper and makes things happen. You have to get up and start actually doing what you have in your head. Because that’s the thing about LIFE and FIRST DRAFTS, they don’t write themselves.

Photo Cred: Paul Dittmann


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