Sporadic Love

It’s raining here, now just a sprinkle. Every now and then I feel a drop land softly on the tip of my nose, but earlier the rain seemed to be coming from the side, flooding everything in it’s path. Later the clouds will disappear and the rain will vanish, that is an undeniable fact, but the rain always comes back, it needs to in order for life to continue.

God created this cycle of rain, the sporadic, unpredictable pattern that it takes on. We can try and predict it, attempt to see into the future, but God is the one who dictates the rain, and I think he likes the unpredictable. Storms are like that too, and really everything natural about this created world seems to be so perfectly aligned and timed, but the patterns appears incoherent.

So why did a never-changing God create such a seemingly random world?

I think this speaks to our relationship with him. Does it not seem that, like the rain, our relationship with God meanders? For a year you will passionately hold a zeal for God, then a series of unanswered prayers cause you to step away. A season will come where God only appears in your life as mere hints, just sprinkles on the tip of your nose. And another where a storm rages and you are conquering demons and loving your neighbor.

The point is God doesn’t change, but we do. God is aware of that fact, he created us like that, and he is never far from us. He made a world so sporadic and unpredictable because he knows us, we can’t comprehend perfection, we can’t comprehend him.

There is a quote that says something like: Those who know God are unable to describe him, and those who are able to describe him don’t know him.

 God is just that, God. We can’t describe, analyze, or predict him, but we can love him. And at times we will fail at that, too. He knows that, and he is okay with that, because he will never stop loving us. And he knows that whether we are in a season of raging love or if the rain has ceased completely, we will always come back, we need to in order for our life to continue.



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