To Beat Routine

There have been multiple occasions I’ve noticed when I’m watching a movie or reading a book, I do this thing where I inadvertently wait for the actor, producer, or writer to mess up. I have a desire for them to mistake, and when they do, I think the whole movie is ruined. I’m not sure if other people feel that passionately towards movies, but it does feel at times that human nature is quietly rooting for failure.

I’ve seen it in friends, too. We quietly wish for other people to mess up, even our friends, because somehow we think their failure will make us look better. It’s almost like we are all imagining we are in life boats and we have to compete over who gets to stay. Everyone is trying to convince the others they are more important.

I don’t mean to gloss over all of humanity, there are amazing people out there with incredible hearts, but even they had to conquer this inner battle of negativity. And what I’m learning is this battle starts with how we look at our own lives. They are scattered with messy scenes, mundane tasks, and disappointing turns, but just like when I’m watching a movie, it isn’t these scenes that are ruining the story, in fact the story would be bad without them, but the fact that I am holding onto those scenes and carrying with me is what is destroying the greatness.

Those minuscule details that seem to bring everything down are supposed to become great and evoke change in you. It doesn’t take quitting your job to beat routine, or a spontaneous trips to the mountains, it takes a change in mindset. It isn’t your routine that is ruining your outlook, it is what you are focusing on. Routine is only boring if you let it be, because we can find Joy in all parts of the mess.

In the end, what I think we should be thinking about, and what life is all about, is sitting across someone you love with a cup of coffee and sharing this messy, mundane, routine of life with them.


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