Jedi Tactics

I was talking to a couple of friends yesterday about where we are at in our lives. We listened to each other intently and shared friendly advice. We all had an Idea of what our passion is, or what it is God is calling us to,  and we were all hesitant to invest in it. I think we all are.

Just like procrastinating school work and stressing about what you have to do is much more tedious than cranking it out, the pain of knowing what you’re supposed to be doing and avoiding it is far worse than the pain of letting your life go in exchange for your dream. All this coming from a guy that hasn’t wrote anything in two weeks.

The book of John says that everything was created by God, and nothing was created outside him. That means both good and bad. So, I can’t say to know why, but one way or another God unleashed this force that whispers us into putting off our homework, letting our dreams go, and convincing us we aren’t enough.

It’s the same force that keeps us from being the student, father, brother, employee, person we want to be. It’s impossible to ignore, but too many of us refuse to identify it.

There isn’t a cure for this, it’s a part of being human and living in this world. There is treatment, however.

This force coats us like a shell around a turtle, building up thicker and thicker until we eventually believe it is a part of who we are. It feeds on doubt and embeds itself in lies. But John also talks about a light that God emits, a light that is us, we are God’s light. The only treatment for this thing that suppresses us is waking up to the truly amazing people we are meant to be.

We are all amazing people, capable of unreal achievements, let’s take God’s calling into our hearts and move to something better. Every day.


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