Ticket To Ride

The essence of my love for Haiti is the same reason you love your siblings and your first grade teacher… you just have to. 
And it came upon me like a sunburn. All I had to do was expose myself for too long and I am left with a burning passion… and a sunburn to show for it. 

That’s not to say I feel the same way about this place as I do my siblings, or Mrs. Hague, or tender, red skin. It’s an entirely different feeling. One that just exists. It pulls me like mass is pulled to the ground, like these mosquitoes are attracted to my blood. 

When God starts molding your heart, you don’t have a whole lot of say in where it will take you. Just hold on for the ride and stay out of your own way. 

So, when you relentlessly ask me why I’m doing it, or what I enjoy so much about Haiti, it’s like asking Forrest why he runs, or why Rocky simply cannot say no to a fight. 

I like to think God has his hand extended to all of us, waiting to pull us aboard and punch our ticket to the unknown. Only he knows where we are being taken, but we know it’ll be beautiful. 

Just remember to wear sunscreen.


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