Back in your Inbox

I’ve been traveling across country for a few years now with little to no mission, just following work and looking for a place I might like to live. I met Jess in Des Moines in the fall and we spent the winter together holed up from the cold, fell in love, and mapped out a … Continue reading Back in your Inbox



For the past six months I've been playing a geographical game of pong (Atari, not College). From Los Angeles to Canada then Haiti and LA and Canada again followed by Iowa and Haiti, scribing in my path an isosceles triangle spanning more that 2,500 miles on each side. I've drove, flown, motorcycled, boarded, biked, hiked, … Continue reading Atari

7 reasons why your two-week Haiti trip is NOT useless: you’re just looking at it wrong

For the past few years, I have been focused on listening to what it is Haiti really needs. I’ve studied the multitude of problems and listened to the endless solutions. I’ve come to see that no single business plan or organization is going to suffice in pursuit of raising the quality of life and spreading … Continue reading 7 reasons why your two-week Haiti trip is NOT useless: you’re just looking at it wrong

To know and love it still

Ever since I caught wind of Haiti, a high-octane passion has fueled my approach. I was aware of all the problems in the country, but my evangelical background and my middle-class roots fed me American idealism by the spoonful.  As I’ve grown older and explored outside of my home, I have experienced bad first hand. … Continue reading To know and love it still

Oh yeah, hey there

I'd like to say the fast-paced, new-year-new-me life renovations have been what has kept me from posting anything since the ice age, but to be honest I don't really know why. I suppose it's a little mix of laziness, some distraction, combined with finishing off some American novels that are so beautifully written that anything … Continue reading Oh yeah, hey there