Jedi Tactics

I was talking to a couple of friends yesterday about where we are at in our lives. We listened to each other intently and shared friendly advice. We all had an Idea of what our passion is, or what it is God is calling us to,  and we were all hesitant to invest in it. … Continue reading Jedi Tactics


Breakfast…Coffee…Political Rant

Except this isn't a political rant. Phew, right? I don’t leave my room without being dressed for the day, and when I’m dressed for the day I’m ready to go.  I’m not a huge breakfast guy either, and I don’t really need caffeine. That being said, I love food and I really like coffee, so … Continue reading Breakfast…Coffee…Political Rant

I Was Hungry…

Every day Haitians ask me for food, sometimes multiple times per day. It’s a terrible reality, but it comes with the territory. They aren’t strangers either, the people asking are my friends, neighbors, people I’ve known for years. It’s the most heart-wrenching question I have to face and the most humbling. Anyone working in an … Continue reading I Was Hungry…

Bassin Zim – Creole for Insane Waterfall

“There is a spirit that lives in the water.” By this point I’ve pretty much checked out completely. John and I are standing in front of Bassin Zim, this beautiful turquoise waterfall in the middle of Haiti. We hopped on motorcycles in the morning and traversed half the country in order to check it out … Continue reading Bassin Zim – Creole for Insane Waterfall

What Happened to Haiti?

Many people ask about what is happening in Haiti, but then check out of the conversation by the time I finish my third sentence. I don’t blame them; it doesn’t really affect us Americans at all. So, I usually have a short-version answer, but the problem in Haiti really is too pressing to be dumbed … Continue reading What Happened to Haiti?