Hurricane Matthew

We were walking home from church on Sunday when John and I first caught wind about the hurricane headed towards Haiti. Maybe it was because we had just sat through a three-and-a-half-hour service in a language we didn’t understand, or maybe because we are from the Midwest and have never experienced a tropical storm, but … Continue reading Hurricane Matthew

The Weight of Sin

Yesterday John and I said the last of our goodbyes and hit the air for Pignon, Haiti. Apart from the difficulties of saying goodbye, the most challenging part of those conversations was trying to explain the fragile conditions in Haiti, and the situations we would be in. The politics, poverty, and corruption all act against … Continue reading The Weight of Sin


I wonder what Abraham was thinking about the night after God told him that his offspring would populate the earth. I imagine he was probably up late, unable to sleep and wondering if God had the wrong guy. Was he stoked about it ready to take on the responsibility? Was he nervous, trying to evaluate … Continue reading 3-12-16


Do you ever feel like you know exactly what God is teaching you, the moment he is teaching it? Like when everything seems to fall perfectly into place and it seems that there is an arrow pointing you in the direction you’re headed. Yeah, me neither. But, believing in Jesus means not only accepting what … Continue reading 3/10/16