Living Outside Eden

The day after the Cubs won the World Series I caught wind of the news down in Haiti. I’m not a huge cubs fan, but it would be un-American to be apathetic about baseball. John is from Chicago so I ran and told him the news, then we spent the next hour calling some friends … Continue reading Living Outside Eden

How We Love

I’ve often told people that writing helps me to understand things. If it’s fiction, I usually invent characters that have my problems and somehow the character solves the problem and then I have a revelation about my life. I know it’s strange, but ask any writer and they will tell you that a character writes … Continue reading How We Love

The Weight of Sin

Yesterday John and I said the last of our goodbyes and hit the air for Pignon, Haiti. Apart from the difficulties of saying goodbye, the most challenging part of those conversations was trying to explain the fragile conditions in Haiti, and the situations we would be in. The politics, poverty, and corruption all act against … Continue reading The Weight of Sin