New Travels

Facts of the summer: I... Graduated High School Turned 19 years old Have said goodbye to people I'll probably never see again Worked a little, hung around a lot Grew lazy and haven't wrote in months It's been a summer all of its own. Some parts of it are familiar, the periods of unrest and … Continue reading New Travels

Four Pass Loop Day 3 (Afternoon)

We had hiked for about a mile and a half before the rain hit, and when it rains it pours. Unfortunately, we were above the tree line, feeling utterly exposed. We even saw a few strokes of lightening, but there was no turning back. We couldn’t possibly catch up to Riley with the head start … Continue reading Four Pass Loop Day 3 (Afternoon)

Four Pass Loop Day 1

After a few weeks of persuading parents, saving up money from summer jobs , and finding the cheapest backpacking gear possible, the time came to hit the road. Ignorantly unprepared, the three of set out from Des Moines in my 2000 Subaru Outback. I might add that this behemoth boasts over 250,000 miles, but we believed in … Continue reading Four Pass Loop Day 1